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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  February 24, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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50. there was a tornado watch in effect for the airs south and east and i am happy to tell you most is cancelled, no reports of torned a expose there were some strong therms that moved across the nowhere neck. we're going see the clouds start increasing around the area and go to some of the high wind warnings that were cancelled and replaced with the following. a wind advisory and you see the brighter orange color to western maryland, that continues to be that and they can approach 40 or 50 and that is in the next few hours. the reason it changed, we were expecting it to go to 75 degrees and, in fact, charlottesville got to 77 and in salisbury, 76 and the front slowed down. can you so that that is getting closer.
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cumberland with a wind gust of 51; d.c., 21 and take a few minutes to secure some outdoor obvious and some -- and we're still expecting the winds. temperaturewise, didn't get the job done and that is protecting us from the thunderstorms and we'll talk about that as well as the weekend in just a few minutes. >> nice to see you. and more deadly protests in afghanistan. local muslims are responding and 12 people were killed when they took to the streets on to protest the burning of the qu'ran. >> reporter: as the deadly violence in afghanistan continues, so do the apologies from the u.s. officials and today's was from a top leader spoking to muslim americans in northern virginia. during midday prayers in
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sterling, virginia, he called for calm in the face of hurt. >> don't respond to something -- and two mistakes don't make a right. >> reporter: they were joined by the top pentagon official for u.s. policy in afghanistan. >> and i come here to apologize on behalf of the department of defense for the incident takes place in afghanistan this week. >> reporter: the protests over the burning of the qu'ran by u.s. soldiers in an air base in afghanistan. and copies taken where they were allegedly using them to pass messages. >> we're fully investigating it and learning from it, and we're committed to ensuring that such an incident will never happen again. >> and president obama sent apologies to karzai. the top u.s. military commander to his counter parts los angeles. >> i assure you and promise you, this was not intentional in any way. and i offer my sincere
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apologies for any, on fence this may have caused. >> reporter: muslim american leaders say a relatively few individuals are behind the violence. >> and there is no question people are on the ground who don't want to see the relationship between the u.s. and so they want to manip out this incident, a mistake for their political gain and manip leg. >> and some say this helps with the healing. >> i'm trying to build the bridges falling a part. >> reporter: state department officials say the focus must be on the broader objective. >> and everyone is invested right now in a stable, secure, and posterrous afghanistan. our men and women in uniform died alongside afghans in this effort to fight terrorism, and we all want to see a peaceful resolution to the conpredict the and -- conflict and that is something we're working on together. >> twenty people, including two american soldiers v been killed in four days of violence across
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afghanistan. newt gingrich said that president obama was wrong to apologize. the afghan president car interview and the afghan people. had -- karzai. he said the apology is symptomatic of the president's weak foreign policy. >> there is simply nothing that radical silence can do to get barack obama's attention in a negative way, and he's consistently apologizing to people who do not deserve the apology of the president of the united states period. >> he said karzai should be the one apologizing to the united states over the deaths of two u.s. servicemen killed in rioting yesterday. and we are beginning to learn the identities of the marines killed in the helicopter crash in california. sergeant justin everett was a native californian, one of several machines who were killed during a training exercise. it could take weeks before the cause of the crash is determined. and the pay at the pump -- pain at the pump shows no sign
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of going up. the experts say they were using less gas and supply is not a problem, what is driving the high prices? tom fit gerald is looking into one of the -- tom fitzgerald is talking about the causes. probably talking about the speculators again. >> reporter: this is tied into the price of crude oil and what it's done to gas prices in our area and look at this. the aaa fuel price finder finds that d.c. paid $3.83 a gallon, maryland is paying $3.64 and in maryland, $3.58. you're tempted to vent your frustration on the local gas station owner, experts say they may have little to do with this. if you're look for blame over the high gas prices, goings and oil fields might be easy targets. wall street might be the real culprit. >> it is gambling. >> reporter: he said the hidden
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force fueling the pain at the pump is wagering on wall street. >> most people don't understand anything about oil speculation. >> reporter: every day, traders buy and sell what are called futures in the oil markets. they're guessing what the future price of oil will be based on current world events. >> and most of this is looking forward and making a bet of whether the price is going to be higher and lower today. >> reporter: some of the reasons oil futures are high new year the uprisings in syria. iran's increased interest in nuclear weapons. >> a lot of us -- >> reporter: and the problem, he said, is that often speculators can cite any event: the middle east, the weather or around the world with an excuse to drive up oil futures. >> these things are happening in the market every day. a lot of it is super hype that all of a sudden hits wall street, in particular. >> reporter: and since 75% of the price of your gallon of gas comes from the price of oil, doesn't take long for high crude prices to turn into high
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gas prices. >> and it can let really happen in hours. we're not talking about long time. >> reporter: and even though drivers in the u.s. are using less gas than ever and supplies of gas are good, what is in short supply already answers as to how long this pain at the pump will last. so, what can done about this oil speculation? federal agencies that regulate the commodities futures are trying to limit how many the traders can buy. so far, brian, this is an uphill fight up on capitol hill. >> and if drivers were mad enough, the latest fortune 500 list can send them over the edge here. exxon-mobil was named the most profitable company in 2011. at&t number two, chevron, number three. parents are disturbed by a new online trend. coming up, teen girls go online to ask the world a question and some of the responses are as you would imagine, it's the internet, cruel. and the glasses of the future. something the terminator would wear. how they can change the way you
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see the world. dave. brian, the beautiful day here in viera, florida. the nats get ready for the first full squad workout and steven straussburg is raring to go. the future, present, and the golden arm. we'll hear from him coming up. ♪
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. >> tech trends and viral video. shawn yancy shows us what is trending at 6, including a warning for parents with teenagers. we saw this coming yesterday. it's disheartening for sure. >> reporter: it is. we're in the web center new to talk about the troubling trend we're seeing popping up on the internet on youtube. all you have to do is search the phrase am i ugly and you'll find dozens of videos of kids asking the world if they ugly. some of the videos have racked up thousands of comments ranging from support testify cool and it's just another reason for parents to keep an eye on what their quid kids are doing online. -- their kids are doing
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online. courtesy of google glasses. this is what the vow might be looking like and say you're looking at the washington monument. it will send information to a screen near your arm and if you know someone at a party, it may call up their facebook or google page. and fineamy, the viral video of the day, not to do if you are caught on camera. after a few seconds, can you see she's disappearing. and fell to the floor and that is what you're not supposed toco and you know about a moment like that. you got caught on live tv and walking behind feldy. you played it off well. >> and that was against my instinct, i think, a stop, drop, and roll. [ laughter ] >> and d. make it on youtube. >> that is -- and didn't make it on youtube. coming up, a woman videotapes her quest to buy a
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legal gun. the issue, the process is harder than she thought. and first, thinking it would be exciting to hear the vice president speak. the guy's having some trouble staying away. got caught nodding off during joe biden's speech in north carolina. he was there to highlight community colleges. he may want to work on his crowd-rallying technique. hniqu oh dear...
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. >> it's been four years since the supreme court struck down the longstanding handgun ban. they might be legal in the city now. some residents say the process of owning one is difficult and fox's shannon brigham has more. >> reporter: emily miller now a gun owner, said despite a supreme court ruling ordering
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the district of columbia to make it possible for law- abiding citizens to own guns, her task to getting one was littered with delays, unexpected expenses and stone walling. >> and those gun control measures are counterproductive. they're not stopping the criminals from getting guns. they getting them easily and -- and to protect themselves. >> reporter: miller's been writing about her experience for her employer, "the washington times." they must be purchased outside of d.c. and one man is licensed to bring them into the district at a cost 6 $125 and to complete the required firearms training, applicants must find a licensed instructor. there are none in d.c. you must be fingerprinted, take a written test, submit your gun for ballistics testing and make multiple visits to the police station and have to do it during business hours, for most applicants, means taking off work multiple times. took miller five months and $500 plus the cost of her gun.
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the council men who -- councilman whokages that d.c. has a problem with illegal guns is working to lessen the burden on law-abiding citizens. >> and we made it easier to register and we'll make it even easier to register a fire a.m. >> reporter: it's not just d.c. and point to the chicagoman o tis mcdonald who won a gun rights case in 2010 and after the victor, found it to be expensive and difficult to get a done. >> it's no secret what is going on. the political leads are trying to nullify, reverse, and gut the supreme court decision through a blizzard of legislative roadblocks that make the second amendment inaccessible, unaffordable and impossible to experience for the average citizens. >> reporter: washington police say 2,157 guns have been legally registered since the supreme court ordered d.c. to make that possible n.2008 and last year a lone, police here recovered more than no one hundred illegal guns.
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in washington, shannon breen, fox news. we're not the only ones getting a nasty blast of weather. folks in and around chicago are dealing with the biggest winter storm of the season, more than a half of the snow and a lot of accidents. air travel affected hundreds of flights in and out of o'hare and they were cancelled today. and that is a mess. >> we have a mess ourselves and this afternoon. >> a lot of rain and i understand we had delays of an hour, hour and a half and the storms are out of here and there is a backup. >> yes. >> and a lot of congestion in the air and a bust for us in the temperature department. >> my legs were cold. >> and they were white and cold that is a double negative? >> that is a positive. >> we're winning there. i like that. you are looking at a beautiful sunset over the riverton shopping center. the rivertown shopping center
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in oxen hill, maryland, and can you see there is a bit of a break in the cloud cover and that is very little and the cold front is the is still to come, folks, we have had some showers and thunderstorms come on through and we're showing you radar here. i wanted you to see what is left is out over the lower portion of the bay and moving to the beaches. i don't think you're going to get much in the way of weather and -- severe weather. to sentinel radar and we're going to show you the system continuing to depart here on our max system. we have had more of the heavy if activity, that is because that is where that warm air got to and that is close by as fredericksburg. why didn't it get into d.c.? the cold front has slowed down a lot and it hasn't crossed yet and that is going through the area, still to come and that
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means part two is still to come and that wind is increasing this evening and some gusts to 50 miles an hour and that is slower, not coming through the peak heating the the day and not getting damaging wind gust as we could have that had and this is still a wind advisory in effect for the most of the area and yesterday, we had a high wind watch that got upgraded to a high wind warning this afternoon and that is dropped. we're seeing winds and expect them to pick up later tonight and gusting to 40 or 50 and i wanted you to see the high was 57 degrees. 61 at quantico and leonardtown to 72; cambridge, 72 and fredericksburg, 72 and it was close. with the stalling front, it didn't quite push into our area
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and we're at 55 and this is that same system producing the snow in chicago and that is crossing us tonight and we're seeing the temperatures near 50 degrees tomorrow and the northwest wind will kick in later tonight and that is going to get that front pushing on through the area and the saturday will be breezy and cool and skies will brighten a bit and expect that to be a dry day as well and the wind advisory until midnight, the wind will increase, clearing skies, our temperature of 39 degrees and tomorrow, a colder and breezy day and with some clouds. our temperature, 50. the wind out of the west- northwest and that is not pleasant or damaging as what we could have had and that can still happen. by noon, 47. and 49 degrees. the five-day forecast and that
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is a dry weekend. the big bounce on monday and to that 60 degrees and the cloud cover will increase just a bit and on wednesday, 64 and i continue to think that we have turned that corner and 75 was a big turn for us. >> and on monday, 60? >> and that continues. please, i put myself through the machine. >> thank you, sue. and a remindder, check the weather any time when you download the fox 5 weather app and go to that app store. you will find it on the website also. and still a teen ager. what are bryce harper's chances of heading north with the nats? the latest is next on the sports edge. a high-speed urban bike ride is cool. extreme mountain bicycler turns on the helmet cam and rolled downhill through the city and the enormous obstacle course set up with onlookers.
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imagine that. riding longside. can you watch the entire video on the website and that is pretty neat stuff. hundreds of bystanders watched along in realtime. ealtime.
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. >> hello, everybody. i'm live in viera, florida. the first squad workout is tomorrow and that is the most optimistic camp since arriving in d.c. in tea. and there is no question about it. all of the naysayers are saying this could be a very, very good team. steven straussburg, a big part of the feeling. 18 months after tommy john surgery, he's raring to go and expected to be the ace on a very, very deep pitching rotation and is expected to be shut down after 160 innings. regardless of where the team is positioned. >> and you never know what is going happen. that is a tough situation, you know, hopefully i have a great year and that is really well
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and gets to that point where they can can potentially shut me down. i know it's going to be hard seeing how it was for jordan firsthand. right now, i'm focused on getting ready for the season and i'm going take it one start at a time, and really just work on developing the routine that i am going to carry on the rest of my career. >> i got to tell you, straussburg looked good today and lean and fit. the other one is the teenager, 19-year-old bryce harper, the phenom, the kid from vegas. the guy who never met a tweet and the like and couldn't hit in baseball. will he or won't he be on the big leagues in opening day? with less than 600 professional appearances, has he developed enough? davie johnson is on the side and told the gm to keep an open mind regarding harper. we asked harper himself do you think you will start the season in the big leagues? >> and i have been -- open up in the regular field and with the nationals and, you know, like i said, i'm going to come
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in here and work my butt off and take everything in and try to listen really, you know, try to succeed and have a -- on me side. i think that, you know, i really -- it really boosts my confidence a lot. >> reporter: which brings us to the face of the franchise, ryan zimmerman. the theysa plan played in 100 games last year. he is undercontract through 2013 and wants an extension and wants it now. he won't discuss it after tomorrow, he said. >> and for me to answer the same questions every day is terrible for one week. i can't imagine for months and months and that is womof those things if it gets done, great. i think there is mutual respect on both sides. >> and a programming remindder. we have an acc double head or fox. virginia tech and duke at noon and followed by the terps at georgia tech. that is great hoops. only on fox 5. and the caps host montreal
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tonight. ovi will be back in the lineup after missing wednesday with a lower body injury. michael noibert will be there. and that is the story here from the nats, everyone practices tomorrow and steven straussburg will pitch tomorrow. we'll check that out. brian, everyone's optimistic here in viera, florida. >> thank you for that. it last look at the forecast, sue. >> i want to say i'm excited for baseball. on the five-day forecast, it's going to be a changeable weekend, brian. feeling more like february this weekend and get ready for big wins. we have a wind advisory until midnight. and the rain's out of here. go out and enjoy. hope to so you at 10. 
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